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Life of Buddhist monk is not easy, can not buy clothes for himself, know 9 such rules


Gautam Buddha started Buddhism hundreds of years ago and today there are crores of people who believe in Buddhism all over the world. Gautama Buddha had made many rules for the ascetics  of this religion. A person who follows these rules can become a Buddhist monk. Buddha made a rule for monks that a person should stay in the crematorium for a few days before taking initiation. By doing this, when a person accepts the truth that every living being must die, then the feeling of sacrifice, quietness and samadhi prevails in his mind. In such a situation the person crosses the first stage of becoming a Buddhist monk. Know some more rules for Buddhist monks …

1. To become a Buddhist monk at any age, first of all parental consent is very important. A person cannot become a Buddhist monk without the consent of the family.

2. To become a Buddhist monk, it is necessary to take initiation.  One can become a Buddhist monk after duly taking initiation from a Buddhist guru by renouncing worldly relationships and life.

3. In early Buddhism, women were not allowed to enter the monasteries, but with the passage of time, women were also allowed to initiate in the monasteries.

4. The food of Buddhist monks depends on begging. It is also prohibited for Buddhist monks to buy any item. They can use the same things that they have received in charity.

5. In many places these rules for Buddhist monks are that they can only eat solid food once in the morning. The rest of the time has to be on liquid diet.

6. It is the rule for Buddhist monks to have three clothes. Two to wrap on the body and one to cover the sheet. These three clothes must be discarded by someone else or donated. Buddhist monks cannot buy clothes for themselves.

7. The biggest rule of Buddhist monks is to meditate. They cannot leave their cultivation and samadhi status at any stage. Kundalini awakening through meditation is their biggest objective.

8. Meditating regularly so as to attain samadhi, their goal is to achieve the ultimate state through self-education and Kundalini awakening.

9. During the training period of Buddhist monks, they are also trained to meditate in different environments. Meditation has to be done in a very cold or very hot place, a deserted or very crowded place.


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