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Know what is Buddhism!


We can call Buddhism a human religion, because Buddhism values ​​man, not God. Lord Buddha has taught social, intellectual, economic, political freedom and equality as part of his religion along with the education of non-violence. His main goal was to liberate humans in this life on this earth, not to make imaginary promises of heaven after death. The Buddha had clearly said that his teaching is based on his own thought, accept him only when he gets it right from his thought and experience. Just as a goldsmith examines gold, so should my teachings be tested. No other founder of a religion has ever said this. This is the reason why Dr. B.R. Ambedkar chose Buddhism instead of adopting any other religion. According to Dr. Ambedkar, Buddhism is a religion based on morality, related to science. Yet if we find any description in the Buddhist texts against modern scientific knowledge, then as a Buddhist we are free to reject it. No such religion exists in any other religion. According to Dr. Ambedkar, religion is the defining element of morality for every society and to maintain discipline in that society, certain conditions of Dhamma have to be fulfilled, which should be science-wise or wise, along with freedom of equality and fraternity. Basic elements should be recognized and should not support poverty.

According to Dr. Ambedkar, Buddhism meets all the above criteria. Although Buddhism is a very ancient religion and has undergone many ups and downs in its span of two and a half thousand years, which has been rapidly declining for some time, but after the acceptance of community dhamma by Baba Saheb, it has grown rapidly in India. Has aired. This movement has given us Dalits the status of human beings, due to which we are experiencing freedom in many ways. Even after many years of this Dhammakranti, the reason for the problems is that we have not been able to understand why Dr. Ambedkar chose Buddhism. In the same way, we have failed to understand the importance of the movement of mass conversion, at the same time, we cannot see, understand this movement from that vast point of view and that is why we can do any great work above our scope. We are not motivated by the spirit of religion, therefore, religions do not think about doing the work of revolution, on the contrary, we remain entangled in personal matters with very narrow thoughts. There is a question, which every religion must answer, what kind of mental and moral relief does it provide for the underprivileged people under the feet? Does Hinduism provide any mental and moral relief to millions of people from backward classes and untouchable castes and tribes? It is decided that it is not so. The present time seems perfectly suited for the propagation of Buddhism. There was a time when there was no question of examining the virtues and demerits of religion, so religion was a part of the succession of man, who also raised the question of whether the ancestral property is eligible to be obtained, but such There was no heir who questioned whether his parents’ religion was acceptable? Time seems to have changed. Many people all over the world have now shown the amazing courage to question the religion that is found in succession, for whatever the reason, it is true that there is a truth in the minds of people about religion. The feeling has been created, so which religion is suitable to be adopted, it is being boldly questioned. In such a situation, Buddhists or Buddhist nations should consider that it is their duty to propagate Buddhism and believe that the spread of Buddhism, the religion of morality, is to serve the real humanity.


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