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Is Prabhu Shri Ram the ancestor of Gautama Buddha?


Gautama Buddha was born 563 years before Christ in the Lumbini Forest of Nepal. Her mother Mahamaya Devi of Kapilvastu, while going to her Naihar Devadah, gave birth to Buddha in the Lumbini forest on the way. Lumbini forest used to be at that time near a place called Rukminidei, 8 miles west of Nautanwa station between Kapilavastu and Devdah. He was named Siddhartha. Siddharth’s father Shuddhodan was the king of Kapilavastu and he was respected not only in Nepal but all over India. Siddharth’s maternal aunt Gautami brought him up, as his mother died 7 days after Siddharth’s birth.
The original name of Gautama Buddha is Siddhartha. Gautama was his gotra. Born in the Shakya dynasty , Siddhartha was married at the age of 16 to Dandapani Shakya’s daughter Yashodhara. He got a son from Yashodhara named Rahul. Later both Yashodhara and Rahul became monks of Buddha.

Siddharth’s father’s name was Shuddhodan and Shuddhodan’s father’s name was Shakya. In ancient India there was a district named Shakya which ruled many small and great kings. It is said that the population of Shakyas was around 10 lakhs at that time. His capital was Kapilavastu. His kingdom stretched from east to west in the Terai of Nepal for about 40 miles.

Is Lord Rama the ancestor of Gautama Buddha ?Some people say that in the Srimad Bhagavat Mahapuran and Vishnupurana we get to read references about the lineage of the Shakas. It is said that out of the 2 sons of Rama, Luv and Kush, only the descent of Kush could move forward. Surgery followed in the lineage of Kush itself, which was present in the Mahabharata period in the 50th generation of Kush. It was only in the 25th generation of this surgery that Gautama Buddha was born. Its sequence is explained as follows.

After surgery Bahtakshaya, Urukshya, Batsadroh, Pratyavom, Divakara, Sahadeva, Dhruvasha, Bhanuratha, Pratishthava, Supratip, Marudeva, Sunakshatra, Kinnarashrava, Space, Sushen, Sumitra, Brihadraja, Dharma, Kritajaya, Vrat, Ranjaya, Sanjaya, Shakya, Shakya And then Siddhartha, who later came to be called Gautama Buddha. The son of these Siddharths was Rahul. Rahul is written longitudinally. Rahul was followed by Prasenjit, Khudrak, Kulak, Surath, Sumitra. Such a mention is found in the books of the Sakyavanshi society. Shakyavar society also believes the same.

#In both the sons of Rama, only the lineage of Kush progressed, then from Kush, guest and guest, Nishadhan, Nabh, Pundarik, Kshemandhwa, Devaniik, Aneek, Ruru, Pariyatra, Dal, Chal, Ukth From, Vajranabha, Gana, Vyushitasva, Vishvasah, Hiranyabha, Pushya, Dhruvasandhi, Sudarshan, Agrivarna, Padmavarna, Speedy, Maru, Prayushruta, Nandavardhana, Saketu, From Devrat, Brihadukth Area, was born Sirdwaj from Mhowiry, the Sudriti, the Virata, the Hryv, the desert, the Prtindhk, the Kutirth, the Devmidh, the Vibud, the Mahadriti, the Kirtirat, the Maharoma, the Swarnroma and Hrswroma.

There was a daughter named Sita to King Sirdhavaj of the Kush dynasty. The Suryavansha extended beyond this, in which Janaka, the son of a king named Kriti, took the path of yoga. The Kushwaha, Maurya, Saini, Shakya sect is believed to have been established from the Kush dynasty, although it is still a research subject.


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