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If you want peace and knowledge, follow these 8 things of Lord Buddha…


Lord Buddha says that there are two types of extreme. One extreme is to drown in pleasure, luxury from top to bottom. Fallen, forgotten people fall into this extreme. The second extreme is to do austerity by giving excessive pain to the body. To hurt oneself in various ways.

Except for both ati, Tathagata found a middle path, which is known as the octagonal route. This path is to give peace, knowledge and nirvana. The octagonal route is the ultimate auspicious route among the routes leading to Amrit. which is like this- 

1. Samyak Darshan : Knowledge of grief, knowledge of grief, knowledge of grief and knowledge of the path leading to grief, this Arya is the perfect knowledge of truth and the right mind. 

2. Samyak Sankalpa: Extraction-related, that is, anachronistic resolution, non-violence-related resolution and seditious resolution are called Samyak-Sankalp. 

3. Samyukta vows: Abandoning the untruths, pishun vows, quitting cheating, skipping harsh words and quitting nonsense are right words. 

4. Samyakant Karmant: Samyukta karmanta is to be free from the violence of animals, do not take any given thing and be free from misconduct (misconduct) of sexual activity. 

5. Right- to- Lived: Excepting false means of livelihood, it is right to live life with good livelihood. 

6. Equal exercise: ‘unskilled’ religion means to decide not to let sin arise, to labor, to do industry, to hold and stop the mind and to do efficient dharma i.e. industry for the origin, status, abundance and fullness of Satyakarma. Samyak is an exercise. 

7. Samyukta Smriti: Experiencing somatic religions such as untouchability, grief, death etc. and industrial experience, knowing knowledge and leaving in the world except for greed and mental anguish, is Samyukta Smriti. 

8. Samyak Samadhi: Samyak Samadhi is the only solution to inefficient religions, that is, the Sunnavrottis. There are four steps of a first, second, third and meditative form of this Samyak Samadhi.

In the first meditation, thoughts and thoughts are omitted.>> Preity, happiness and concentration remain these three mindsets.
In the third meditation, there is a rhythm of love, only happiness and concentration remains.

Happiness disappears in the fourth meditation, neglect and concentration remain.  

Grief, grief community, grief prevention and sadomasochistic path – Due to lack of knowledge of these four Aryan truths, we all were bound in the loop of folk culture for ages, but now with the realization of these Aryan truths, we dig the root of sorrow. And we have got rid of rebirth.


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